Schwartz's Shout outs!

Week of December 1st

Dear Parents,

I'm excited to get back in the swing of things and work hard at our learning up until our holiday break. In this newsletter I've added a section title, "What Can I Ask My Child About?" We do so many exciting things in the classroom that I'd love for your child to share with you at home. In the "What Can I Ask My Child About" section I will put things we are doing in the classroom that you can ask your student about to hear more about all the wonderful activities we do and things we learn about.

As always, feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns. Have a great week!


Victoria Schwartz

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What Are We Learning?

Reading- Author's Purpose - Why do author's write?

Writing- Narrative Writing- What does a writer need to do to create a great story?

Math- Division- Different strategies for dividing numbers

Science- Sound- Can sound travel through different mediums?


**All homework can now be viewed on your child's Ipad using the MyHomework app.

Monday- study spelling words; look over sound notes

Tuesday- study spelling words; division sheet; look over sound notes

Wednesday- study spelling words; division sheet; look over sound notes

Thursday- study spelling words; division sheet; study for sound test (TEST TOMORROW)

Friday- Have a great weekend!

Spelling Words

Regular List (or and ar sound): horse, north, mark, barking, storm, stork, market, thorn, acorn, forest, artist, chore, March, restore

Challenge List (ought and aught): taught, thought, rough, laugh, bought, cough, ought, caught, fought, daughter, tough, through, enough, brought


Sound Test- We will have a sound test this Friday. Because sound is more of an abstract concept and the vocabulary is very precise, many of the students have had a hard time keeping the facts straight. I recommend taking a couple minutes each night to go over the sound notes with your child. They have notes on their Ipad and I'll send home a paper copy of notes today.

Multiplication Facts- We are going to start taking timed quizzes to memorize our multiplication facts. The quizzes will not be put in the gradebook. As children pass their timed quizzes they'll work their way up to an incentive. Students can practice their facts with flashcards or one of the apps we've downloaded on their Ipad.


  • Dec. 8-12 Santa Shop
  • Dec. 8 Spearman Zaxby's Night 5:00-8:00 pm
  • Dec. 9 Strings Concert @ Spearman 6:30 pm
  • Dec. 15 Spearman Skate Night 6:00-8:00pm
  • Dec. 19 Last Day before Christmas Break

What Can I Ask My Child About?


1. Ask them to show you their kidblog. This is a blog where they write down what they are thinking while they read each day.

2. Ask them to show you their homework app. This app shows their homework for the week.

3. Ask them to show you Edmodo and how it works. This is an app that let's us all communicate to each other, take quizzes, post pictures or sites about what we are learning, and so much more!


1. Ask them what they've learned about plot and what they did for their plot project with their group members.

2. Ask them about their bat research books and what interesting facts they've learning about bats.


1. Ask them to show you 2 or 3 different ways they could show a multiplication problem. Ask them their favorite way.


1. Ask them to tell you about their favorite sound investigation we did in class.