AASL (un)Conference #aaslunconf

Participant-driven! No spectators allowed!

What is an unconference?

Join us on Friday night, November 6th at the Hyatt Regency Columbus
Union Ballroom, from 9:00 PM till 12:00 AM for our AASL unConference!

No keynotes! No panels! An opportunity to share even if you did not submit a proposal!
The focus is on networking, informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, sharing!
Want more unconference background?
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Participant-driven conversations

Professional growth, networking!

Culminating Smackdown session

Late night School Library Team Quizzo!

Important links:

Unconf Conversation Grid

Hashtags: #aaslunconf #aaslsmackdown

Help us get ready!

For the unConf: Think of conversations you'd like to lead or participate in or ideas you just want to discuss or an idea you'd like to incubate and share them on sticky notes. We can start the planning on this Padlet.

For the Smackdown: Add a slide (or slides) to our Smackdown Google Doc.

On your sticky notes, you can share:

I want to discuss . .
I want to know more about . .
I can lead a conversation about . .
I have an incubator idea and I'd love feedback on . . .
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The Rules!

The protocols and norms of the unconference or open space conference movement:
  • No keynotes! No panels!
  • The focus is on informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing!
  • If a conversation has little relevance for you, apply the rule of two feet. Simply, move on.
  • Everyone gets a chance to speak, especially newcomers!
  • Welcome all ideas
  • Want more unconference background?

Join us for the unConf, Smackdown and TL Quizzo!

Friday, Nov. 6th, 9pm-12am

Hyatt Regency Union Ballroom

RSVPs are enabled for this event.