The Heartbreakers

By: Ali Novak


Climax: The climax in the story is when Stella's twin sisters graft failed. Stella's sister has lymphoma. They are 18 and have graduated high school. Stella was scared to move far away for college or work because something might happen to Cara and Stella may not be able to make it back it time. Stella was on tour with a band working when her sister had the graft and it did not work.

Resolution: The resolution happens when both Stella and Cara have recovered from their surgery's. The band that Stella was working with had a concert where all the proceeds went towards cancer research. Stella had been dating one of the band members but than they broke up. At the concert Stella and her ex are able to leave on a better note than what they did before.

Favorite part: My favorite part was when Stella decided to go on tour with the band and take pictures because even thou she was scared to go and leave her family, she still did what she wanted to do.

Worst Character: The worst character is Oliver because he is very clueless in some ways and is very weird. He just has a lot of different sides of himself that he shows and it gets a little confusing.

Theme: The theme in the book is friendship.

1. " I'm not going to let myself like him, Cara" pg. 170 This quote is when Stella is talking to her sister about one of the guys in the band and how she wants to stay friends with him even though she likes him. Friendship with the boys in the band was very important to Stella because of her job and she wanted what was best for her.

2. " I had to make sure you were okay" pg. 293 Stella and Oliver dated for a little while until Oliver cheated on Stella. Even thou they had broken up, Oliver still came to the hospital to make sure she was doing ok after she had a surgery. He made she was ok even when things were weird and a little tense.