Where is Middle-Earth?



Columbia has a lot of forests, rivers and lakes, and also has the Andes Mountains. The official language of Columbia is Spanish. Most of Columbia's culture can be traced back to Spain. The Spanish brought Catholicism to Columbia. The population is 48.32 million as of 2013.


Columbia is Middle-Earth, because of the vast forests, spectacular clear lakes, amazing rivers, and the beautiful Andes Mountains of course! The Andes Mountains are great and they represent their long journey on the Misty Mountains. The Andes also have some snow, similar to the Misty Mountains.

Counter Claim

Columbia is the best example of Middle-Earth. Other people may think that Columbia isn't, because of New Zealand. But, Columbia has just the perfect geography. It has amazing rivers, lakes, mountains, and landscapes. There's no other land more perfect than sweet Columbia to represent Middle-Earth.


All in all, Columbia is just the perfect Middle-Earth, and it is better than the competition. I bet more people will start to realize that Columbia is actually Middle-Earth.
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