By: Fiona Wong 0 hr due: 9/1/15

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Element Information

Element Name: Fiold

Atomic Mass: 196.96657

Symbol: Rodney and Jeannette Wong

Discoverers: Doctors at Mesquite Community Hospital

Occurence: Badminton Court, Church, Boba Cafes (Javaland, Mozart, etc.), Frozen Yogurt (Yogurtland and Favorite Yogurt), Starbucks, Gym (TI Activity Center).

Extremely Low Quantities in: Walmart, China, Studio Movie Grill, Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors.

Description: Shines bright like gold.

Physical Properties

  • Surface properties: Asian, long black hair, dark brown eyes, 5' 4".
  • Boils when.. misunderstandings occur with lack of communication.
  • Melts if... families express their love to each other.
  • Can cause an explosion if angered/frustrated/stressed out.
  • Specimen can be found in various states...
  1. Sad when misses friends/family from another state or country.
  2. Happy when spending time with family and friends.
  3. Grateful when able to realize how blessed I really am.
  4. Anxious when needed to do a public presentation or test.
  5. Surprised easily when others do unexpected simple actions.
  6. Curious when introuduced to new subjects especially art/cosmetology.
  7. Excited when anticipating a reunion with my loved ones.
  8. Silly when having random acts of hyperness.
  9. Hurt when betrayed by people I trusted.
  10. Friendly when I meet new people, I am able to approach other lightheartedly.
  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when no one understands, but honestly feels correct in that situation.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by...smokers/drug users.
  • Is attracted by.. tall people who are kind to everyone.
  • May explode spontaneously when.. people cannot stay in their lanes.
  • Requires copious amounts (plenty of snacks and fruit throughout the day)
  • Is inert if.. training for badminton with many coaches yelling at me to run!
  • Will repel...when bitter melon is in sight.
  • Is imprevious to..teasing. (which I rarely recieve anyway.)
  • Chemical reaction when.. became a Christian few years ago.
  • Became passionate towards.. young children, infants+