A new kind of mass media

By: Tara Antuna

What was all the fuss about?

When german scientist Heinrich Hertz proved that radio waves existed the future of mass media in America was changed forever. When KDKA broadcasted the first ever radio show it was pretty evident that this was without a doubt going to be the next big thing, And that it was! Not only did these crazy complex hand made machines create several jobs; they quickly became the fastest way to spread news, with issues such as the prohibition of alcohol, kkk, war, etc... it was fascinating to americans that you could spread news so quickly to such a large number of people! Infact, for a few years this was all the radio was used for until 1922 when music was brought into play. The radio costed around 150$ which was a hefty amount of money back then, but people couldn't get enough! Companies could purchase radio ads, which brought a lot of national attention to certain products. And shortly after the invention of the radio, the headphones, amplifier, generator, and detector came very shortly after.

And all that jazz!

During the roaring 20's music was very much appreciated, the most frequently heard type of music was Jazz. In 1922 an Indie company began recording jazz groups performing in Chicago. Jazz influenced all aspects of society, from fashion, poetry, and the literary world. Jazz also really kick started the whole dance movement along to music. The 1920's were also an important time for womens rights and jazz music seemed to have a lot to do with the liberal movement. The flapper girl style was also to go along with the music and wearing this style of dress helped inspire women to challenge the social norms. The most used instruments in jazz music are; saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, drums, and guitar. This music virtually led to some of the most famous Broadway shows and ragtime's to ever be created! People could not get enough of it! Jazz also helped mend the black and white community. It truly brought people together.
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Major issues, how radio helped

The roaring twenties was without a doubt a time of rapid changes, things were being invented, style was changing, people were spending lots more money, and national issues were completely on the rise. From the Klu Klux Klan, to segration, womens rights, the great dust bowl, the great depression, all the political corruption and crime, prohibition, and several others. The radio played a very important role in spreading the news. Before radio there was never a way to bring attention to an issue across the entire nation. In my opnion, without the invention of the radio life today would be very very different. The radio aloud lives to be saved, people to come together, an extreme advance in technology.