Long Way Gone

Sierra Leone Civil; story from a boy's point of view

Meet Ishmael Beah

Ishmael Beah (Main Character) speaks about the challenges him and friends encounter during the Civil War in Sierra Leone. The rebels attack his town of Matru Jong; the group of firends are forced to escape the area. They later decide to return in hope they will find their family. The group endures through traveling town to town, being captured by rebel troops, and struggling to find food. Ishmael truly pushes his limits in order to survive this everlasting war. Their journeys penetrate the reader's soul as the novel gives an idea of the struggles citizens endure in war-present countries.

Historical Connection #1

The Sierra Leon war can make a connection with the Civil War present in Syria

(Picture Below), a middle eastern country. Rebels in Syrian are striking (with war) against their governament. This is the same in "Long Way Gone" as Ishmael and friends are fleeing away from ciolent rebel forces.

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Historical Connection #2

The second Civil War of Liberia (1999-2003) broke out after a rebel force backed by the government of a neighboring country attack emerged in Northern Liberia. The war was extremely deadly; most injuries came from the violent rebel troops just like as we see in the novel "Long Way Gone".
Second Liberian Civil War-- TV Footage

Vocab: Cassava

The indigenous crop of Cassava is very important in the story "Long Way Gone" as Ishmael and his friends are taught to farm it, and the crop also provides them with the nutrients they need to survive. It's more than half of what they eat daily because it is very abundant in Sierra Leone.

Vocab: Crapes

Crapes is another word for popular shoes that most Sierra Leon citizens wear. They are almost like a sandal.
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Matru Jong

Matru Jong is Ishmael's hometown, and where the rebels are stationed. After fleeing through the swamp the group heads back to the town in an attempt to find their parents. The rebels being still statiioned disallow that by firing at anyone who approaches Matru Jong.
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Man vs Man

The constant fight of rebel troops against government supporting citizens plays a huge roll in this novel. Graphic images of the horrors of this conflict throughout book proves how man vs man can be entirely brutal.
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Man vs Society

The rebellious troops are fighting against their government; proving they'll resort to violence to support their beliefs. Man vs society is huge in this story, and ultimately is why the Civil War began in Sierra Leone.

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