Greek god of Karma

Name and Appearance

My Greek gods name is Karmathesis. My god is a Male . He holds a plague in one hand that says "what goes around comes back around," and in the other he holds the Scale of Justice or in this case the Scale of Karma or the balance between good and bad- the balance or life. He wears a a toga and has wings. On his plague he has a symbol which symbolizes what he represents and it is 3 arrows following each other forming a cycle. I call this symbol the Cycle of Integrity. Karmathesis's famous slogan is , "men are not punished for their sins but by them."

Representation and Powers

Karmathesis represents the merits and or the punishments you receive in life according to your actions. Karmathesis believes that good people should benefit from their rewards in this lifetime while the cruel and bad ones should suffer hell. Karmathesis has a balance scale to see whether a person should receive good karma or bad karma according to their good deeds in their lifetime and their actions. He believes that all people in this world shall not be cruel to any living thing. He feels that this worlds happiness and peace as a whole depends on each individuals actions.

Karmathesis has only has one almighty power, but it this one power that is cruciall to the worlds peace and justice. He is capable of seeing through people deeper than flesh and he is worthy to tell if this person is destine to have good or bad karma. Karmathesis give only but the best good karma, but if he encounters a cold blooded soul he shall give the worst karma of all. He believes that people are sum of their action- you are what you contribute. Karmathesis does have one exception if he looks into a person and sees that they are good inside but are being peer pressured to bad things he will give them a wake up call in a form of a punishment and or lesson to remind them of the endless battle between good and bad.


Karmsthesis's natural choice to join him on his quest for world peace and justice , is however the Greek Goddess of Justice: Astraea. They have been married for thousands of years and enjoy their crusade for world peace and justice. They share the same point of view on life and their bond is virtually unbreakable. They have a beautiful son named Truthis and his conquest is to make sure that truth will always see light. He studied in the way of his brilliant father Karmathesis. Karmathesis has been reigning as Zeus's personal adviser in the after life to decide who belongs in heaven and who shall be sent down to Hades. Karmathesis is well respected by many well known greek god . Such as Zeus , Posiedon , Socrates and Athena.