Sector Graph

A Sector Graph

A sector graph is also another word for a pie chart. A specific chart that uses "pie slices" to show certain sizes of data. Sector graphs also include different colours to show which colour is the subject to make it easier to understand.

What are the steps to create a Sector Graph?

You could start off any way you would like you could start by listing some movies and go around the room and see what others peoples opinion on the story they like the most and you tick the one that they would like and see how much ticks you have gotten after you have finished going around the room. Next make a circle and make pie slices of the percentage of the movie and then label it and your done.

What are the pros of a Sector Graph?

The Pros of a Sector Graph is that its a basic way to show kids or even adults the percentage or the fraction of a subject or thing.

What are the cons of a Sector Graph?

The cons are to a Sector Graph is that when there are too many subjects it would be hard to see because of too many thin lines. Adding data labels and numbers may not help, as theymay become crowded and hard to read.