Quick Bread Pictorial

Types of quick breads

Methods of mixing

The biscuit method is a method for making quick breads such as scones and, well, biscuits. That's American biscuits, not cookie-biscuits, if you're visiting from across the Big Blue Ocean.

Simply put, the Muffin Method is a technique whereby two mixes are created: a mix of wet ingredients (eggs, soft or liquid fat, milk and sugar)

Katie Hickey, a demonstration chef at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Massachusetts, believes in the importance of setting up a station in your kitchen—even when you're just cooking at home. One of her great suggestions (as seen in the video above) involves keeping two bowls nearby to use for cleanup, so

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Rolled Vs dropped biscuits

rolled- flattened and cut

dropped- picked up by spoonfulls and dropped onto cooking sheet

Ingredient functions

leaveners- baking soda/powder

liquids- moisten ingredients

flour- gives structure

sugar- sweetness

Essential Vs non-essential ingredients

essential are needed for it to be done properly

non essential are just like extra things

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Tools used