Digital Citizenship

What Interesting Things You Can Find!

Your Digital Dirt?

With technology on the rise, most of everything is done online as of early 2010. Using social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook, can lead to life changing situations. What you post as a teenager or younger can definitely effect your future and cost you job opportunities. Anything you do online is saved and documented. Once that certain statement of picture is put on the web, it stays there forever! For example, say you and a friend get into a bad argument with another one of your friends about who is better at a certain activity and after the altercation you go online to say Facebook or Twitter and say rude things and cursing about this and that. That will be documented and remembered no matter if you delete it or not. Then 20 years later your trying to get a job and she asks you if get along with people and that will come up and be documented in their qualification sit down.

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Steps To Stay Safe!

When trying to stay safe online and avoid situations that could effect your life. Keep a calm head and think before you act. Whether posting a status or posting a picture, ask yourself, "Can this effect me?"