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May - June 2021

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Welcome to the final newsletter for the 2020-21 school year! The newsletter will resume in August with even more resources and news about re-designed programming.

Thank you supporting the LEE Library throughout this school year. Before heading into the summer holiday, please read about the programming and resources offered by the LEE Library. Highlights include:

  1. Summer Reading: FUN, FREE, & MOBILE Digital Resources
  2. Book Return
  3. Teens & Media Literacy
  4. Showcasing Project Based Learning
  5. Podcasting: Get Started

Summer Reading: We Have Resources for You!

Ready to kick off summer reading? The LEE Library has a number of resources that have been curated to keep students and faculty reading all summer long. Not sure what to read? Build your stack with either fiction or nonfiction digital resources from the following links (everything that is linked is FREE).

Find tutorial videos to get you up and running with Sora (the audiobook and ebook delivery app available via Launchpad), links to free audiobooks and ebooks, and reading lists to give you ideas for books that match your interests:

LEE Library Summer Reading Google Site

Looking for a way to track your reading and have fun at the same time? Try NEISD Library Services' Summer Reading "Loteria" promotion:

NEISD Library Services Summer Reading Resources

ALL NEISD Students have access to FREE ebooks and audiobooks from May 5 - August 20 through Sora's "Sweet Reads" summer reading promotion. These "always available" titles allow an infinite number of students to checkout the books simultaneously. Check out their YA offerings!

Sora Sweet Reads

Library Book Return

Now Accepting Book Returns: All LEE and ISA students are asked to turn in books at this time. Virtual students may bring books to the LEE HS main visitor's entrance M-F from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. A library staff member will come to collect the book. Remember: there are no fines for overdue materials!

  • In-person students may return books by using the drop box at the library's main entrance during the school day.
  • ALL LEE & ISA SENIORS: if you have not yet returned checked out items, please bring them to the library as soon as possible.

Questions about returning items? Please email the LEE HS Librarian, Ms. McDevitt for assistance: rmcdev@neisd.net

Teens & Media Literacy: What Can Teachers Do? (Part II)

Self-Assessments Engage Students: An effective way to engage students in the practice of fact-checking is to offer them an opportunity to test their own skills via quizzes or scenario-based experiences.

Consider taking a quiz as a whole-class experience to allow for discussion or allow students to work through the items individually and then debrief the quiz as a class.

Links to online self-assessments:

BBC School Report designed a fast-paced game that puts the participant in the role of a journalist who must act quickly to prepare a story while making accurate choices about potential misinformation. Super fun and authentic!

Can You Spot the Fake News Stories

Penguin Books offers students an opportunity to identify ways in which statistics are manipulated to create false or misleading statements.

Can You Spot Fake News?

An outstanding source of practical information in the media literacy space is Jennifer LaGarde. She can be found at librarygirl.net or on Twitter @jenniferlagarde. The self-assessments mentioned above are just a few that are recommended on pages 76-77 in the book she co-authored with Darren Hudgins (on Twitter @dhudgins) titled "Fact vs. Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News."

Virtual Instruction & Curriculum Support for Teachers

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Celebrating Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: Looking for resources to enhance your curriculum about the historical contributions of these Americans?

The Asian Pacific Heritage website, hosted by the Library of Congress, offers a wide array of resources for teachers. The "For Teachers" portion of the website includes links to:

  • primary sources
  • lesson plans
  • student activities
  • collection guides and research aids

Looking for something specific? Please let Ms. McDevitt help you navigate the resources offered on this website.

Podcast Lowdown

Want to Start Podcasting With Your Students?

Getting started: Podcasts can be an excellent option when looking for ways to give students voice. Podcasts allow students to demonstrate learning or explore a particular point of view. If you are a teacher who wants to try podcasting, please use the following resources to get started:

Answers to FAQs and FREE resources for teachers and students in the "Teachers and Students" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections of this resource from The New York Times:

Our Fourth Annual Student Podcast Contest

FREE articles and step-by-step guidance for getting set up:

The Podcast Host

Teen-created Podcast Inspiration:

Teenager Therapy

The Show About Science

Podcasts for Teens (or Adults interested in Teen Issues) About Teens:

Podcast Review

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Project Based Learning: STEM Physics

Friend of the LEE Library, Elaena Romero, a STEM 11th grader, designed and built a mobile project for her physics class. A critical component of the assignment included presentation of the project to a faculty or staff member on the campus. Elaena selected Mrs. Wood, LEE Library Assistant, for her presentation audience. As an added bonus, Elaena displayed the design project in the library!

Elaena offered these reflections about the assignment:

What did you find surprising about the assignment?

It was was a lot harder to balance items on the mobile that you thought it would be.

Why did you choose candy?

I had a lot of candy at home!

What were some of the other things you liked about this assignment?

I could collaborate with a friend. I liked making a Flipgrid (to present the final project) to Mr. Garcia (STEM physics teacher) because it allowed me to re-record until I was confident with the final product. As opposed to presenting something in front of the whole class when I would be nervous.

LEE Community Loves Reading

Connecting our community of readers to their favorite books: One of our MOST enthusiastic staff readers is Mrs. Samaniego, LEE HS Bookkeeper. While she is usually in her office knee-deep in spreadsheets, she would much rather be reading. An huge fan of Nicholas Sparks, Mrs. Samaniego recently visited his home state of North Carolina during her spring break travels.

She said (with all seriousness) that this brief stop in his home state was "the highlight of her trip." Thank you for spreading your love of reading and for your support of the LEE Library!

OverDrive eBook & Audiobook Circulation

The LEE Library continues to see a huge increase in eBook and Audiobook checkouts (based on the same time periods in the 2019-20 School Year). A huge thank you to all LEE and ISA teachers who promote the library's electronic collection!

OverDrive Checkouts (eBook and Audiobook combined)

May 1 - May 31, 2021: 39

Coming in August:

  • Inquiry Mindset
  • Student Creativity
  • NEW Digital Collections
  • College Prep Resources for Seniors

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