Weigh the chicken or improve feed?

Converting "data" to usable "information".

Mitch Fowler (@fowlerm) and Andrew Shauver (@hs_math_phys) lead the #MichED discussion on data.

Challenge: Read the article Data Rich But Information Poor to set your thinking for the chat.

Remember, questions are a guideline and are NOT set for a specific time during the chat. Flow of the conversation will dictate timing and/or question changes.

Q1 - What does data mean to you?

Q2 - How do you use data in a meaningful way?

Q3 - What role should course wide student failure rates play in data decisions?

Q4 - How do you involve students in the assessment process, especially data discussions?

Q5 - How do you balance formative, summative, and standardized assessment data?
Q6: What are some examples you have of data walls? (type of data, bonus for pics).

Wednesday, March 11th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

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1. Introduce yourself (name, district, role/responsibility (including grade level)

2. Watch for questions to be tweeted out by moderator (this evening @fowlerm)

3. Questions will be tweeted as “Q1: …………….”

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