Personal Literary Canon

By: Jonathan Hester

The Goosebump Series

R.L. Stine has mastered a craft in his book series Goosebumps. In Stine's books he keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the very end. This series shaped what I am interested in for sure. I would say Goosebumps would've enforced my interest in things that are paranormal.

The Percy Jackson Series

Percy Jackson is a well crafted series about the greek gods and their offspring. Riordan sticks to the facts about the Gods, while also introducing lesser gods into the stories. With a twist of fantasy and reality. The Percy Jackson series has shaped my interest in greek mythology, while also keeping a little bit of the strange things that I enjoy with the monsters and mythological creatures.


Shiloh is a great book about a boy with a large heart and a dog. Shiloh is owned by a man who is cruel to his dogs and cruel to the people around him. This book shaped my love for beagles along with reinforcing my previous knowledge that all animals should be treated with love and care.