My PlayHome School

A fantastic creative play app for young children

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Developer - PlayHome Software Ltd

Age Range - 2 to 8 years old

Skill Early Language Skills, Social Skills, Play Skills

Score - 90/100

Price - £2.29 / $2.99

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App Review

Those of you who follow me regularly will know that I am a big fan of My PlayHome and My PlayHome Stores. Well, a third app has joined the ranks, My PlayHome School and unlike the final instalment of most movie trilogies, this one does not disappoint. It is full of the same hand drawn charm and interactivity that made the other two apps so successful.

Free to Explore

Users are able to explore this virtual school environment at their leisure, entering and exiting all the rooms as they see fit. There is so much for them to do. For example, they can carry out experiments in the science lab or put on a show in the assembly hall

In the classrooms they can take on the role of the teacher and imitate all the things they see in their own class. It is possible to write on the chalkboard and then rub this out again. Books and pencils can be given out to the students and blinds adjusted to ensure the sun is not interfering with learning. There are even places for students to hang up their schoolbags.

The last thing you want to do in a real school is get sent to the principal’s office but this head teacher is a friendly one who gives out lollipops and allows children to make announcements over the PA system. All of this exploring is likely to lead to a healthy appetite so it is a good job that a canteen is included. Here students have the opportunity to grab a plate and tray and then select their own meals. This could be a bit tricky for little ones to do at first but with practice they will be able to fill their plate with items such as chips, beans and chicken drumsticks. It is then a case of choosing a drink and sitting down at a table to enjoy the meal. Once complete, students are encouraged to bin any leftover food and put their tray in the rack provided.

Attention to Detail

The attention to detail in My PlayHome School is amazing. There are boys’ and girls’ washrooms with toilets that flush, sinks that have running water and dryers that sound just like the real ones. It is even possible to take on the role of a caretaker and start mopping the floors. Another nice feature of the app is that it integrates with both My PlayHome and My PlayHomeStores, allowing users to bring items out of the school and into either the house or the shops.

If I was being picky I would say that it would have been nice to see a playground scene where children could imitate games such as hop scotch or throwing a ball. Other than that there is little to find fault with this exquisite app. Most importantly my kids love it!

Language Development

From a learning perspective there is also much to commend My PlayHome School. As is the case with My PlayHome and My PlayHome Stores, the opportunities for language learning are enormous. Used with an adult, My PlayHome School could help teach children a range of early language skills. These include vocabulary (e.g. the names of objects, shapes and colours), concepts (e.g. prepositions) and the ability to follow instructions (e.g . “give out the pencils then close the blinds”). It is also a good idea to ask open ended questions to really stretch their expressive language skills.

Another potential use of My PlayHome School is helping prepare children for their first day of school. This can be scary for many children but time spent playing with this app and talking with a parent about what to expect could go a long way to reducing anxiety and ensuring a smooth start to formal education.


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