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December 2020 Virtual PD

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Impacting Student Learning Using Learning Targets, Success Criteria, and the Formative Learning Cycle

December 5, 2020

9 AM to 12 PM Central Time Zone

It has never been more important to strive for teacher clarity than when we are navigating the demands of teaching during a pandemic. Clarity requires us to have clear daily learning targets, daily formative assessments, and student-friendly success criteria to ensure students learn deeply and prevent learning gaps. In this session, we explore the impact on learning of using a formative learning cycle for each lesson. We will examine how to create learning targets that are aligned to daily formative assessments. We will look at specific success criteria that students and teachers can use to guide and evaluate student learning. Time will be allotted for coaching and practice with writing learning targets, aligned formative activities and assignments, and success criteria.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn the difference between a daily learning target and an objective.
  2. Explore ways students use learning targets to set daily goals.
  3. Analyze how students and teachers use learning targets to guide learning.
  4. Create purposeful activities and assignments that provide compelling evidence of student learning.
  5. Narrow the focus of instruction to what is critical to learn.
  6. Partner with learners of all ages to gather evidence of learning during online and in-person teaching.
  7. Create clear success criteria that students can use to guide and evaluate learning progress.
  8. Use success criteria as teaching points for focus lessons.
  9. Determine intervention using student progress in mastering learning targets and success criteria.
  10. Celebrate learning achievement with students and their families.

Strategies for Increasing Engagement and Rigor During Pandemic Teaching

December 12, 2020

9AM to 12 PM Central Time Zone

During the pandemic, it has been challenging to get students to share their thinking, both virtually and in-person, given the limitations of social distancing and wearing a mask. Since learning is a result of thinking, we need to be intentional about the instructional strategies we use to impact student learning. In this session, participants will learn specific strategies to get students thinking at the analysis level and sharing thinking through innovative classroom discussions. We will explore specific, proven instructional strategies that engage students in reasoning through making inferences, comparing, and examining errors. You will be able to easily implement the strategies for both core instruction and interventions. Best of all, your students will be motivated to make their thinking visible!

Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn how to activate and build your students' background knowledge.
  2. Determine when to use specific strategies based on whether the concept or skill is new or being deepened.
  3. Learn specific steps for each strategy.
  4. Provide clear success criteria and specific checks for understanding.
  5. Increase the amount of formative data you and your students use to guide and evaluate learning.
  6. Use errors in procedural knowledge and reasoning to help students realize their own misconceptions and misconceptions.
  7. Ask two exit questions each lesson that will show both you and your students if the student has achieved the daily learning target and made connections to the essential learning for the unit of study.
  8. Use the strategies in any content area and in any grade level.
  9. Plan when and how students should compare, elaborate, and make and support inferences and claims.
  10. Receive ready-to-use slide decks for each strategy.

Virtual Testimonials

"I was not expecting to get this MUCH from an online seminar and have to be honest that I was dreading today. But I took pages of notes FULL of ideas. I'm leaving with a very full brain (in a good way). I loved Kelly's enthusiasm and personal touches." - Nicole, NH

"It was great! There were lots of take aways that can be implemented immediately." -Yvonne, TX

About The Presenter

Kelly Harmon is a national presenter & author who has more than 30 years of experience working with at-risk students. She presents on a wide range of topics including Guided Math Instruction, RTI, technology, reading, writing, and strategies for highly effective teachers. Ms. Harmon works as an instructional coach for schools and districts across the United States. In addition to consulting, she works with the Bureau of Education and Research as well as Learning Sciences Marzano Center.

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