digital sound key words

learn your digital sound key words today

Sample rate

digital signal processing. The number of times an analog signal is measured (sampled) per second. The unit of sample rate is "samples per second". This is often expressed in kiloHertz (kHz). For example, "CD quality" sound has a sample rate of 44 kHz. All types of music sample rate is needed.

Bit Rate

bit rate is how many bits per second in sound can travel too something for example the sound could be transferred too: speakers and headphones/headset from a device like an: MP3 player, Mobile phone and a PC. the bigger the file size the faster the bits per second will be able to be transferred to something for example if you have a you tuber then uploading a 5 minute video will take less time than uploading a 30 minute video!

Bit Depth

Bit depth is how many sound you can use for example if you have a bigger bit depth then you will be able to use more possible sounds just like in bit depth for pictures. The higher the bit depth the more sound and sometimes u may not be able to tell the difference between the sound using bit depth but if u listen to what is taken out it is quite a big difference, but if their is a huge margin between the bit depth then u can tell the difference between the sounds.