Tiger Woods

A biography by: Elizabeth Sirimarco


Tiger Woods was born December 30, 1975, in cypress California. Tiger real name is eldrick woods. When n he was born he got the name tiger because his dad fought in the Vietnam war. During the war his dad met a soldier and he was brave and saved tiger woods dad twice during the war so he called him tiger. he call eldrick tiger in honor of his friend because eldrick was brave to. Tiger parents meet in Thailand and hen came to america and got married. earl set up a net in his garage so he can get better and tiger was watching him, so one dad tiger picked up his dad golf club and hit the ball perfectly into the net and he was under the age of one when this happened. By age two he played and won his first child golf tournament. At age six he entered his first international tournament. When tiger woods was ten he shoot his first hole in one, he also moved up a level and played with ten and eleven year old kids. In 1994 he became the youngest golfer to win the U.S. amateur. About one year later he won the the second U.S. amateur title. When he left college tiger wins the master tournament and he is named PGA player of the year. In 1999 he wins eight PGA. In 2000 he wins six events in a row since Ben Hogan in 1948. 2001 Tiger wins the master and becomes the first golfer ever to hold all four of golf's major titles at the same time.


I think this book was good because he was young when did all of these thing and now he is training others to play and to be just like him. another thing is if you believe i n your self you accomplish thing things because that is just what tiger woods did and now his is the best golf in the world.


I recommend this book to someone who like to play golf and like tiger woods. another recommendation to to some one loves biography and would like to learn something new.