Girls Fly!™

What Have YOU Always Dreamed of Doing?

What Is Girls Fly!

Girls Fly! is a three day interactive experience jammed pack with information, resources and face-to-face mentors. Girls Fly! is focused on raising the voices of girls and women throughout the world via a series of activities and experiences in response to the statement All My Life I Have Dreamed of Doing..."

You are never to young nor to old to begin realizing your dreams. When a woman or girl is in despair, the quality of her life is improved when she is hopeful of realizing her dreams. This truth applies to women and girls from all walks of life. Girls Fly! reconnects female of all ages with the girl voice within, the voice associated with her dreams and personal aspirations. Girls Fly! is not a career day, but a time to reaffirm and validate the power of the dreams which make for well balanced women and girls.

Most often, we are expected to focus on education for the purpose of generating income essential to our survival and improving our standards of living. Neglecting our "extracurricular" dreams kills our spirit. Girls Fly! is a safe place to revive a joy for life and a spirit of hopefulness, allowing us to excel in all areas of life.

Girls Fly! Belize Thank You From Gael Sylvia

Steps for Hosting A Successful Girls Fly! Experience

  1. Select either a One-day Girls Fly! experience or a multiple day experience.
  2. Invite Volunteers - Committee Members for preparation and Team Leaders for the day of event.
  3. Follow the step-by-step Dream Guide for Budget, Training, Committees, Dream Releasers, Dreamer Registration, Opening Day Concert Celebration and Day Of, including Closing Concert.
  4. Training the Trainers
  5. Identify Dream Categories unique to community - Examples: Aviation, Equestrian, Arts, Athletics.
  6. Identify start/end dates and times.
  7. Invite Dream Partners - Host for dream experiences based on categories.
  8. Invite Dream Sponsors - Media, corporations, organizations.
  9. Invite Dreamers - Schools, military associations, organizations, shelters, foster care, refugee community, disability partners. Participants Register on-line for a fee. Target groups and a select number are provided scholarships.
  10. Concert, theme song, dance
  11. Social Media
  12. Media Messaging
  13. Transportation
  14. Signage
  15. Volunteer Gift Bags - Girls Fly! T-shirts, name tags, etc.
  16. Dreamer's Gift Bags - Girls Fly! Journals, merchandise, T-shirt
  17. On-site registration
  18. Follow-Up - Stay Connected with Dreamers and Dream Releasers
Maggie Doyne, Founder, Kopila Valley Children's Home & School: Forbes Women's Summit

Of These Categories


Girls Fly! is a time to see how to make the dream a reality.

Opening Celebration

Step-By-Step Dream Guide

  1. Follow the step-by-step Dream Guide for Budget, Training, Committees, Dream Releasers, Dreamer Registration, Opening Day Concert Celebration and Day Of, including Closing Concert.

Dream Budget

Dream Releaser Training


  1. Site Location - Group Gathering
  2. Budget - Narrative to support budget
  3. Volunteers
  4. Dream Releasers
  5. Media Message
  6. Registration
  7. Gift Bags
  8. Signage
  9. Dream Releasers
  10. Media Message
  11. Registration
  12. Gift Bags
  13. Transportation

Girls Fly! Themes - Unique Experiences Available Only In Particular Markets

•An intergenerational community event hosted in partnership with a local lead sponsor – The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

•Girls Fly! is a multi-site experience

•Connects women and girls specific dreams based on paid and scholarship registration

•Unites Co-stars and their families, local community, foundations, corporations and nonprofits in a unique charitable investments

•Maximizes resources and enhance outcomes.

•Emphasizes digital technology and its power to transform women and girls and the image of Las Vegas

Dream Releasers Provide

  • The Dream Come True Experience
  • Encouragement, inspiration, resources and a network
  • Safe space to share
  • You are our Co-stars - You provide the success stories and encouragement associated with making dreams reality during Girls Fly!
  • Essential elements assuring success for you!
  • Team building and service opportunity for talent and engagement.
  • Community partnerships.
  • Internal and external communications and information. Public Relations and Marketing.

üEvent and entertainment planning at Cosmopolitan Hotel.

üCapacity-building in STEAM and Tech Literacy.

üAirline partnership engagement

üT-shirts and site banners, Girls Fly! gift items.

üFollow-ups with the community on impact, stories, and ripples.

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