Bless The Beasts and Children

Book by: Glendon Swarthout Analysis By: Max Wadding


By freeing others, we free ourselves. In order to save the buffalo from being shot by the "hunters", the boys need to free the buffalo from the pens that they are being held in. While the boys are freeing the buffalo, they are also freeing themselves from everything. They freed themselves without even knowing that was going to happen. They thought that they were just freeing the buffalo, but they found they're true selves in each one of them.


"Actually, just call me Clyde." - Teft

Shecker shouted they were Nazis.

John Cotton's initials (J.C.) are the same as Jesus Christ (J.C.)

John Cotton and Jesus Christ

John Cotton is having a dream and he is concerned about people.

His initials are JC.

He sacrifices himself for good of the Bedwetters just Jesus did at last supper.

Better Parent

I would be a better parent to the Lally brothers because they are so lonely. I would take them on trips and treat them equally. I would let them socialize more with friends or people in general.

The Bedwetters and Buffalo

They are both trapped in a cage or pen and can't get out. The boys are held back from being set free, and the buffalo can't go anywhere in those pens. Once they are set free, they blossom into human beings.

Poor Shecker

I have the most sympathy for Shecker because he is always living behind the shadow of his dad. He gets made fun of because he is always coming up with jokes that have adult humor in them.
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The Hat, Radios, and Flashlights They sacrifice the things that mean the most to them and use them to set the buffalo free.

Box Canyon Boys Camp shows the society at large and the problem and trends of the world.

The Journey

The book really showed the importance of this and demonstrated the journey that the Bedwetters went through. It's shows how the boys changed by freeing the buffalo and how they changed as a character.

My anecdote is my journey through running track. It showed what you needed to put in, in order to get first in districts.

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