Protection Services

Child Welfare

Job Responsibilities

The protection services and child welfare workers, are made to make sure children are living in a healthy environment and are getting the proper love and care they deserve. The protection services are made to take the children away from a neglective environment.

Education Requirements and Skills needed

They require that a person has their bachelor's degree, or a similar degree. They also want the person to have a license for the state applied for.


$36,649 per year

Workplace Environment

Many of the work environments are difficult. The workers have to deal with upset parents. They have to get hard evidence to show the children are not safe living in their homes. They need papers to be able to show up and take the kids away.

Job Satisfaction

Many people in this field love their jobs. The people usually are those who love children and will do anything to help them. People in this career, get to help kids live better lives and take them away from harmful livfestyles.

Personality Traits

You have to be friendly towards the children. You have to take your job very seriously. You have to be ready for the reality of problems you will face during this job experience.