Colton McClure

This business was founded by Bill Bowerman.

Bill Bowerman founded Nike in 1964, and was first called Blue Ribbon Sports. Bowerman became known for making shoes for runners, and was obsessed with making the shoes lighter to cut down on their running times.

Nike is a public corporation, and some advantages of this are that they can make more money, and that the managers don't have to worry about owning the business, because the stockholders own the company.

Four Facts About Nike

  1. Bill Bowerman was a football player in high school and college, then started competing in track and field
  2. Bowerman started the track and field program at Medford High School
  3. Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, but was renamed Nike after the Greek goddess of victory
  4. Bowerman coached champions in 15 of the 19 track and field events.

Would I Invest?

I would invest in Nike because Nike is a $22.3 billion company, so I could make a lot of money.