internet survival guide

by Reed and Devin

what are pros and cons

pros and cons are, the advantages and disadvantages of the the topic. currently the topic is pros and cons of the internet!

pros and cons of the internet

Pro: Easy to communicate with family and friends and can warn of danger.

Con: mean posts on social media

Pro: you can be updated on what's going on.

Con: online bullying

Pro: can have fun with friends.

Con: disturbing pictures

some ways you can protect your identity online

some ways to protect your identity online are

  1. Do not give away your full name online

  2. Same with your location do not share that either

  3. so instead of sharing 1. maybe just a first name would be better

  4. or make a fake name and share that

  5. don't share any photos of you or a family member

a digital footprint

it is important to have a positive digital footprint because. People like your boss or parents might see that post. And that will probably affect your life from that time you post that to the end of your life

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Cyber Bulling

cyber bulling is basically bullying but on the internet so a session of cyber bullying might go like this mean posts, rude comments, blackmail, lies, hacking, and that's just the tip of the iceberg