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Exploring the world of Augmented Reality

First things first, what actually is AR...

Augment means to add. Augmented Reality is a concept which adds things to our real world experiences. These extra things added to the real world come from online information and from digital animations.

In fundamental terms, the expression augmented reality, abbreviated to AR, refers to a simple combination of real and virtual (computer-generated) worlds. Given a real subject, captured on video or camera, the technology 'augments' (= adds to) that real-world image with extra layers of digital content.

Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements onto a mobile device camera, creating an illusion that holographic content is a part of the physical world around you. ... AR alters the surroundings by adding 3D objects, sounds, videos, graphics to it.

We're often asked if VR and AR the same. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are similar but different. Mobile devices allow us to experience both VR and AR but Virtual Reality (VR) requires complete immersion. It doesn't just add to your environment, it shuts out the physical world completely and simulates the world around you digitally. It fools your brain into thinking you are somewhere else.

What is Augmented Reality?

The video below is a great way for learners to get a grasp on Augmented Reality and build real world connections. There are many everyday tasks that Augmented Reality can or does help with, that we may not think about. Take a look!
Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft

TechTerra's Top AR Picks & Free Samples

This week, we worked with two of our partners to bring you samples of some our favorite AR learning tools.

Our first AR product is the Curiscope Virtuali Tee. If you have followed us for any amount of time, you have most likely heard us talking about this shirt. It's easy to use, versatile, and super engaging for learners of all ages. Simply scan the AR target on the shirt and suddenly you have access to the inside of the human body in the palm of your hand. Explore the different systems, check your heart rate, dive into your blood vessels and so much more.

Our partners at Curiscope created a printable worksheet with the Virtuali-Tee target on it! Along with free lessons and quizzes, you can analyze the digestive track and use the heart rate monitor all for free.

Big picture
Our second pick is the Octagon Studios AR Cards.

Similar to the Virtuali-Tee shirt, simply scan these cards and watch as they come to life! Roam prehistoric times with dinosaurs, interact with animals - their habitats, sounds and food sources, take a journey into space, learn about occupations A-Z, or even get interactive with the human body.

Octagon Studios has a whole set of AR cards to learn and explore with: Dinosaur, Animals, Space, Octaland, and Humanoid. Each unique set of cards comes bring learning to life. We've included a free sample of their cards for you to get started with!

Free AR Apps

Keep the learning going! Like we mentioned before, there are a multitude of tasks that Augmented Reality can make easier or more exciting. These are some of our favorite (free!) AR apps for learning and exploring.

Online STEM Academy

If you're looking for more resources, make sure to check out our Online STEM Academy.

Our 12 week program is grade-specific (ranging from Pre-K all the way to eighth grade) and includes extra, self-paced activities and worksheets for your students to complete. No extra tools needed, just your student and a computer or tablet!

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