U3 Week 2 Reading Online Checklist

"Leonardo's Horse"

Great Readers...

Stay focused, stay motivated, and are proactive with their work!

Mr. Ehrmann's Reading Experience

I just recently started a non-fiction book "American Sniper". I am not going to see the movie until a finish the book to compare and contrast the differences.

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Community Day Essay

Freedom is...

This is a very broad topic. Discuss topics such as:

  • Why freedom is important to you as an American
  • How you enjoy your freedom
  • Why you value freedom
  • Your personal definition of freedom

Classroom Debates

Below you will find your topic assignment and group assignment.
Debate 101 - Introduction to Argumentation and Debate from The Great Debate

Fifth Graders should be in middle school in Pennridge School District.


  • Olivia A.
  • Demi Schlotter
  • Jack Schreiner


  • Rossi
  • Mae
  • Riley

Virtual Schools are more successful than traditional schools.


  • Jackson
  • Grace
  • Madeline


  • Luke
  • Olivia C.
  • Emily

All public schools should require healthy lunches, including all snack and desert options.


  • Mathew
  • Brendan
  • Madison P.


  • Shane
  • Taylor
  • Paige

American public schools should have year round schooling in alternative to a 10-month schedule.


  • Madison C.
  • Michael
  • Sydney


  • Moriah
  • Roehann
  • Brendon
  • James

Fifth Grade Reading Brochure

The purpose of the brochure is to provide future fifth graders with the advice you wish you had in September.

  • Please make it meaningful
  • Detailed and thorough
  • Easy to read
  • Pictures are acceptable where necessary

Reading Brochure Rough Draft Details

  • Chapter Book Management (stop and jots, chapter questions, meeting with partners, participating in discussions)
  • Utilizing your schedule (signing out laptops, signing out iPads, meeting with partners, choosing work to do, going to appointments)
  • Overall time management (choosing where to work, when to work, assigning homework to yourself)
  • How to successfully participate in class (tips for when he teaches whole group)
  • Tips from a student perspective (Mr. Ehrmann never was a student in this type of class, you are the best person to give advice. Give general tips for succeeding in his class.

Stop and Jot Skills of Focus: