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Volume 9 - Updates and eBooks - Oh MY!

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Your Decatur Central Media Center and IndyPL....

As a partner with the Indianapolis Public Library, Decatur Central HS staff and students benefit from the vast resources available to us through that partnership. Our library media center works closely with IndyPL to make sure resources are current and engaging.

So What's New?

Lots! After gathering feedback from library patrons, your Indianapolis Public Library worked for over a year and a half to create the new online home for IndyPL. It is mobile-friendly so you can take the library with you anytime, anywhere,24/7!

New features include:

The IndyPL Online Catalog - Introducing.... BIBLIOCOMMONS

Now, IndyPL has launched its new online catalog, Bibliocommons.

You can use BIBLIOCOMMONS to search for your next favorite book or movie, place and check the status of your holds, discover the newest items on the shelves, and so much more! But first things first! Set up your account with your library card, and then dive in!

The site enables you to keep track of your borrowing history, contribute ratings and reviews, create favorites lists or topic guides to share with others, get personalized recommendations, and even catalog your own home library. And each time you create a list or add comments, you are building a better catalog for your community's library!


Make it personal.....

The new online catalog (BIBLIOCOMMONS) allows for a more concise experience for the users. By using a library card to log in, patrons may create lists of their favorite titles, genres, authors, etc. and decide who will see the lists. Readers may comment on other lists, post reviews of books they have read, see recommendations, and still get all of the information they need about where to find specific books and resources.

Check out the images below to see different list ideas!

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Where is the DC Media Center eBook Collection??

Our DC media center eBook collection is now conveniently housed in one location: AXIS 360! The link to AXIS 360 is found on the DC MC Resource page, which will have a new look of its own too, very soon!

eBooks are still available via the IndyPL website. BONUS - in addition, Shared System Schools, which includes Decatur Central HS, use a platform called AXIS 360.

AXIS 360 houses ebooks and audiobooks owned by IndyPL and other Shared System Schools, all available for sharing! Since these ebooks aren’t shared with IndyPL patrons, we can buy a set of a really popular title and not have to share it until we’re ready. (OverDrive won’t let us do that – holds are filled in order placed.) AND, if we team up with other high schools, we can share the cost of that title or of classroom sets. Teachers can also reserve classroom sets ahead of time and see how much students are reading.

Download the AXIS 360 app to your phone and iPad to make searching and reading all that much easier. The collection continues to grow - you will love it!!