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The Latest News for GCA Teachers and Staff - AUG 8th, 2014

Georgia Cyber Academy - OUR MISSION

The mission of the Georgia Cyber Academy is to provide an exemplary educational experience to students in a unique and individualized setting. We embrace a collaborative partnership between teachers, learning coaches, and students that recognizes the needs of the individual child. The provision of research based curriculum and rigorous, standards-based instruction guarantees student success as measured by academic gains, parent and student satisfaction, and continued institutional growth in the respected academic community. Academic success and the ability of our students to reach their highest potential is our ultimate goal.

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August 11th - 1:00 p.m. - Staff Meeting

August 11th - First Day of School

December 2nd-4th - Our next Face to Face Professional Development

Study Island and Scantron Information will be coming out Monday!

TKES Orientation Video

  • Go to the Professional Learning Opportunities Tab
  • TKES Process - Orientation Video
  • Do not access through your plan

K12 Training - Virtual Returning Teacher Training Curriculum Enrollment Survey

  • Choose the 1st 2 choices below:
  • Scantron - Goals and Tools for Collecting Data
  • Study Island Pathways - Goals and Tools for Collecting Data
  • Supervisor = your lead
  • Due date is 9/12/2014

New Share Point Staff Directory Reminder

  • Please update your information in the NEW Share point
  • Use your Staff ID # - This is the same as your Scantron ID #
  • Everyone will have access by the end of today.

Email Protocol Reminder

When sending emails referencing a student, please put in the subject line:

  • first name, last initial and student id number. example: John D. 123456
Training Videos - Short and Sweet - Click Here!

Virtual teachers are a busy group. These 15 minute training videos for Microsoft Office tools we use every day are the perfect find! Great way to start the new school year off right!


If you have great ideas for using your ipad in your virtual classroom, and would like to share with the staff, please fill out the survey below. Thank you!

ipad suggestion box survey

We would LOVE your ideas!!



1. Welcome

2. Matt's Message

4. Announcements

5. K12 Training News



August 18th

  • FAST Training - MIA Students
  • Family Engagement Training

August 25th

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse & Complaint Procedures
  • LEA & IEP Minutes Training - Flipped

Georgia Department of Education Parent Involvement Coordinator Spotlight

The Georgia Department of Education’s Parent Engagement Program strives to highlight the important and extraordinary work Parent Involvement Coordinators (PIC) and other parent professionals are doing across the state.

Each month during the school year, a PIC will be featured in the “PIC Spotlight”, which is an announcement bulletin that is emailed to all the school districts in Georgia.

Additionally, this individual will be added to the newly created catalogue that features previous recipients and can be downloaded from the Parent Engagement Program Website.

Individuals are selected based on the progress they have made with parent engagement initiatives in their school, district, and/or community.

To be considered, please address the following in your story submission: What makes this practice unique and successful in your school, district, and/or community? How did you create and implement this initiative? How has this practice helped your school community address various family needs in addition to helping parents stay involved in their children’s education? What were the outcomes? How did this practice strengthen the learning goals that teachers have for students and help achieve those goals?

Please submit your story along with your name, title, school, district and years of service in current role to Nathan Schult, Parent Engagement Specialist, at nschult@doe.k12.ga.us by the 15th of each month.

The chosen individual will be notified within a week after the deadline and given the option to submit a picture to accompany their recognition in the PIC Spotlight. Stories that are not selected during the month they were submitted will still be considered for subsequent months and also included in future Georgia Department of Education resources featuring emerging practices. Please limit the length of the story to 150-300 words.

Document will be shared at Monday's Staff Meeting with full details.

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