Taking Care of Pigs

By: Ona H.


If you have two pigs that are about 1 and a half then you're expenses will be high! It's about 1,125 dollars for a fifteen dollar bag of pig food in just one year, It's crazy!
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Time commitment

Usually you want to start spending about an hour a day with your pigs. You should probably start when they are first born so they will get to know you a lot better.
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It will cost about 1,500 dollars to buy pig food for a year. You should feed pigs twice a day everyday !
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The potbelly pigs can live up to twenty years.
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Other Tips about Potbelly pigs.

  • If you don't want your yard ruined and to have huge holes in the ground, don't get pigs!
  • The potbelly pigs love to eat and sleep.
  • Potbelly pigs run fast and will chase you if you can get them to.
  • Baby piglets have what people call needle teeth because of their sharp teeth. Their teeth are as sharp as needles.
  • Because of these needle teeth, they can bite hard and I mean hard! But just try not to get all in their face because they only try to bite when they are scared and you're in their face.
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