Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 7, 2015

Week 2

Hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend and Labor Day holiday! What a great start to the year! The kiddos are doing an AWESOME job settling into new procedures and completing their spelling, CUPS, and classroom work. I'm so proud of them!

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

September 7 - Labor Day Holiday - No School

September 10 - Grandparent's Breakfast 6:45 am

Parent Orientation 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Room Parent Meeting 7:00 - 7:30 pm

September 11 - Dino Beat K-2 Recognition's

September 18 - Fall pictures

PTA Movie Night 6:00 -8:00 PM

September 25 - Celebrate Reading Day!

Reading and Target Reading

This past week, students read a realistic fiction story called Amazing Grace. Our focus was on recognizing cause and effect while reading a story. We used our book to complete a reading quiz on comprehension and located text evidence to support our answers with details. We created sentences with vocabulary words: success, sparkling, exploring, adventure, auditions, and fantastic. Students also made a trip to the library to check out their first books! Our library day is on each Thursday, but students should always have their library books with them so that they can read if they are done with their classroom work. Students are always encouraged to read outside of school. They can read to self, you, a sibling, or pet, to continue to work on fluency and build comprehension.

In Target Reading, students read an expository short story called Should I get a Dog? We discussed text features, synonyms, end punctuation, commas, and elaborated on sentences.


This week students began generating ideas of things they loved, places they spend a lot of time, and a list of things they know a lot of about.

Good readers can become great writers with practice and dedication. Each week students will examine, practice, and discuss what it takes to be a good writer. Students will edit during class in grammar activities called C.U.P.S., during Target Reading, and in their grammar skills workbook. Thursday nights, students will take home a practice page in their orange folder to complete editing sentences. Friday they will take a quiz to use the skills discussed and practiced.

Social Studies

This past week we focused on Responsibility and having "Kuleana", which means what I have to do in my life to keep my commitments and my relationships, in order to achieve my dreams. We discussed short and long term goals and obstacles that might get in our way. Students worked together to create their classroom contract and discussed ways to be a good citizen while practicing respect and responsibility in school, at home, and within their community.

Spelling and Editing

This past week students focused on short "o" and short "e" with CVC orCVCC patterns. Students will bring home spelling journals at the beginning of the week to work on activities in their spelling journal. Journals are due on Thursdays. They will also be responsible for writing their spelling words in their planner so they can study their list for their quiz on Friday. If you are looking for extra practice with their words, they can also log on to Spelling and enter their words for fun activities too. This is a free site to use and the kiddos love it!