Parental Ultrasound Technician

Payton Cooley's Career Plan

What is a Parental Ultrasound Technician?

A Parental Ultrasound Technician is a nurse and or doctor that checks on the mother and how she is doing on the inside and out. They make sure that the baby is okay and healthy. There can be ups and downs when it comes to being in that field but it is so worth it.

About me.

I have been interested in this job for a while, I have always wanted to work I the medical field. I have always been interested in working with pregnancy and I always want to learn more about it. I have never been around someone who is pregnant nor have I ever felt a stomach while a baby is in it, but I know for sure I would be okay while getting used to it when it comes to training and working.
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What to look for.

Here you can see a baby, as a ultrasound tech you must look for movement, a heart beat, and growth. You must also look for multiples just in case one is not growing as fast or if it is in the beginning of a pregnancy.
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What to do.

Here you can see someone's appointment going on and you can see how the technician is focused on the baby and how he is doing.
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What to wear.

What is shown in this picture is what is expected to be worn while on the job. They are expected to be wearing clean fresh clothes everyday.


Education for this job starts out when you are in High School, you can take many courses to get familiar with what to expect when it comes to this job. Some classes that may help are Health careers, a photography class and regular core classes.


The income for a Parental Ultrasound Technician is 70,438.

Additional Information

Some additional information to know is that you must be mentally prepared for what could happen in this career it is not as easy as others think. One thing you must prepare for is giving bad news, you must be able to take it professionally. There are many ups and downs when it comes to being in a job but it gets easier as the years go by. Also you will be able to earn an associates degree which is only 2 years of college with some nursing school involved.