The Scorpion-tiger

Genetic Make-up

The Scorpiger is a cross-breed between a tiger and a scorpion. This creature may seem odd, but it has many attributes that allow it to be the top predator.


The Scorpiger spawns on Earth, but it moves to the dark side of the moon on its third birthday.
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How to tame and kill the Scorpiger

You can tame the Scorpiger with 64 diamonds, but if you choose to kill it, you need an enchanted diamond sword. Also, if you kill the Scorpiger, it drops 2 times the amount of XP as the Enderdragon, 1 spider web, and 2 poison potions. Once you tame the Scorpiger, it will be your protector, although even then it only has a 1 in 4 chance of liking you.


The benefit of being half tiger allow it to run quickly, and the benefit of being a scorpion allows it to poison its prey and hunt at night.


The Scorpiger has many strengths but also a few weaknesses. The weakness of being a a tiger is that its paws are not suited for the moon's surface. Its other weakness is that it is deathly afraid of enderman.


The surface area is 504 in2