Stop Germs Now

By Ellen Westgate

Bye Germs!

By stopping germs people need to remember to always was their hands and clean items with Clorox wipes. If people continue doing this people wouldn't be getting sick and having serious diseases, but people keeps on NOT doing this and that's why their getting sick! If you want to be healthy and want your family, cousin or whatever be healthy please tell them to always wash their hands and be clean. If you want a healthy lifestyle, always make sure that your clean, after eating, after using the bathroom, or you can have wipes with you at all time and when your on a plane you can take out the wipes and use it on the food tray, and things like that. Another thing is always have your own pens and have hand sanitizer with you at all time just to make sure your always prepare to kill germs. Be clean for clean life.
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