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Out With The First Semester In With The Second!

It is hard to believe that in less than three weeks your student is halfway through fifth grade! It is amazing to see how much they have grown since August. I have to say that I know Lee Eaton is a definite change from earlier school years (especially the wake-up call), but they have all seemed to adjust and become "pros" at being fifth graders!


This week in math we will be wrapping up unit four with adding and subtracting decimals. Students will first use hundredth grids to illustrate the answer before we move to using traditional adding and subtracting algorithms. The unit four assessment will be Thursday, January 12th. Students will receive their self-assessment to guide their studying this Friday. On Wednesday, prior to the unit assessment, there will be a review day in class, however students may also prepare at home using their Home Links, Math Journal, Study Island, and ConnectED account.

In this unit there is also a cumulative math assessment over Units 1-3 which will be on Friday, January 13th, and the final grade of the nine weeks. Students review the concepts found in these units continuously by completing and assessing their math boxes. A good way to have students prepare for this assessment is to redo problems from their Math Journal and Home Links. They may also go back to redo any Study Island math assignment or play the Everyday Math games found on their online version. They will also be receiving a self-assessment next week for this test helping to guide their studying.

We will begin unit five which builds on the students' understanding of fractions from unit three. They will be asked to develop strategies to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators. They will also be introduced to multiplication and division of fractions.


In science students have discovered that there are many forces acting on moving objects even ones we cannot see. They know that any change in speed or direction requires a force. This week they will test to see how parachutes affect the rate at which a ping pong ball falls.

Students will continue the forces and motion unit, examining the differences of balanced and unbalanced forces in real life situations. They will also explore the effect on speed when the mass or force applied are different. Students should be filling in their unit study guide as we go through the unit. The study guide and notes can also be found on google classroom.

Next Tuesday, January 10th the students forces and motion projects are due. The rubric and directions are posted on Google Classroom along with your child having a hard copy given to them when assigned. Please make sure they are wrapping up this project and have completed the necessary expectations. This project will be displayed and presented in class next week as part of a gallery walk. I am excited to see what students have came up with!

School Events and Updates

  • Please continue to "clip and save" box tops for education, so PTA can sponsor events like assemblies, the squire store, and mini grants just to name a few.
  • Campbell's labels provide valuable learning tools and equipment for teachers every year. Please keep collecting Campbell's labels with the Labels for Education logo on the upc.

Important Dates

January 10th- Forces and Motion Project due

January 12th- Unit four math assessment.

January 13th- Cumulative math assessment over units 1-3.

January 16th- No school (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

January 19th- End of second grading period (1st semester).

January 20th- No school (records day)

Miss Watters

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