Global Issues



Laziness causes trouble. Have you thought of animals dying just because of laziness? Animals are dying because of our laziness! We can't even walk to the bin so we can put our rubbish in the bin and not litter! Have you ever wondered of birds suffocating just because of plastic bags! People aren't taking care of our world!

Litter flowing to the sea

When you don't put your rubbish in the bin it will catch the wind and fly into the rivers/stream. As the river runs the litter will flow down drains and into the sea. When the litter flow to the sea it is called water pollution. It can also block up the drains and won't let water through as it will cause a flood.

What happens to animals?

The plastic bags and the food wrappers can be eaten,chocked on and also stuck in the animals throat. As the rubbish gets stuck in their throat the animal can not survive and will die!

A story an animal who had died because of plastic bags!

One day there were people who were looking out for dead animals at sea. They found a dead animal. It was a whale. When they cut the whale up to examine why the whale is dead and they saw 4-5metres of PLASTIC BAG! What a terrible thing to see!?

Why the animals die?

It all started like this... People are TOO lazy to put their rubbish in the bin so as it rains the rubbish flows into the drain, down the river and into the sea. As the animals swim by they think it's a jelly fish so they eat it or it gets stuck in their gills and they die in both situation. As days past their body get blocked up and you know THEY DIE JUST BECAUSE OF US HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!!!


I am sick and tired of animals dieing! Is that their life cycle? Is it just get born, grow up, eat rubbish plastic bags that we had littered and die??? I HOPE NOT!!!!