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Olympic SpeedSkater Shani Davis

Shani Davis Road to Sochi 2014 Olympic

Everyone has High hopes for Shani this year, for a upcoming speed skater in 2006 winning his first gold medal at the age of 18 to now 31 year old fighting for his Third gold medal! His first gold was at Turin, Italy. His second Olympic gold medal was at Vancouver, Canada. Now going for his third Olympic gold medal in Sochi, Russia

Sadly Shani did not win his first two races, but there is one race left the 1500m. its a misfortune that Shani Davis could not hold 3 straight gold Olympic medals for the us. He fights his heart out there on the ice, even if he did not make it he will continue to do what he loves and not let that hold him back. I wish the best for his career and waiting for his comeback, I personally believe that he can make it. I have high hopes.

He has trained hard and long to become one of the top first black speed skaters to win a gold medal. In my view color does not matter, it's more of about the effort & skill rather than color or what he is labeled as. He proved people wrong on his ability and dedicated a big part of his life. It takes a lot to be 18 and a gold medalist. In my eyes thats a lot no matter how much he lost or win he will always have my respect.

What are your guys ideas on his result and action in this years 2014 olympics? Any comments, comment below at the end of the poster / news article. Thank you for your input.

This Picture shows Shani Davis amazing performance at the World Cup speed skating event in kearns, Utah. It was a 1000m race, this race he received first place.

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History Of Speed Skating

Speed Skating was developed around 3000 Thousand years ago! That is a long time, and throughout the ages we have slowly but surely developed it to be a safe, fun, and competitive sport. It was founded in the 1592 Netherlands, but the real first competition was the 1676 in the northern part of Europe.
Check out this video NBC news has posted up showing the concept behind the suits they wear.

Background Information


Name: Shani Davis
Long Track Speedskating
500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m
Current Residence:
Chicago, Ill.
Northern Michigan University, Marquette

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Some Things About Shandi

Qualified | Shani Davis Begins His Road To Sochi | Episode One

Here is just a preview of what Shani Davis did to get where he is now. Very inspirational and shows nothing can ever really hold you back.

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Olympic Event 500m Male Speedskating

Monday, Feb. 10th, 9pm

Russia, Sochi

Date Event Results

Feb 10 Completed Speed Skating Men's 500m 28 35.59

Feb 12 Completed Speed Skating Men's 1000m Finishing 8th

Shani Davis - Olympic Wins

Olympic Experience:

2006 Winter Games 1000m - Gold

2006 Winter Games 1500m - Silver

2006 Winter Games 5000m - Ranked 7th

2010 Winter Games 1000m - Gold

2010 Winter Games 1,500m - Silver

2010 Winter Games 5000m - Ranked 12th

2010 Winter Games 500m - withdrew


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