Parking Lot Safety Concerns


Incident in the Parking Lot This Morning

Good Morning, Parents.

As some of you know, we had a very upsetting incident in the back parking lot this morning involving a couple of our parents, which ended in a verbal altercation. Even though this was a single issue and has been discussed with the individual parties, I am noticing times when parents get frustrated by certain policies or unexpected issues that come up, so I thought that some reminders would be helpful. Please do your very best to follow all rules, give yourself plenty of time in the morning so that you do not feel rushed, and have patience when something unexpected comes up. I understand that people are rushing to/from work, but our number one focus has to be on CHILD SAFETY. Period.

I do want to say that the vast majority of parents are doing an OUTSTANDING job on drop off/pick THANK YOU!!

Please don't hesitate to ask a member of the staff if you need clarification on any of the rules/procedures. We want our kids to feel safe at their school at all times.

Katie Dempsey


Rules for Pre-K

  1. Pre-K students are dropped off in the front of the building.
  2. Parents can drop off in the front via the carpool lane or they can go around to park in the back and walk the students in the front door (walk near the tires and the flag pole, between the buildings for safety).
  3. Sign all Pre-K students in and out for the day.
  4. When it is raining, parents will park in the carpool lane, walk their child in, and sign the paper inside the building (so that it doesn't get wet).

K - 8

There are only 2 options for drop off in the back parking lot.

  1. Parents go through the drop off/pick up lane and, when they arrive in front of the building, the child(ren) exit(s) the car and goes to the safety square (or in the building if it's raining).
  2. Parents may park in the back parking lot and WALK their child(ren) to the safety square or the building.

Please DO NOT pull into the parking lot and drop your children off unless you are in the drop off/pick up lane. They cannot walk through the parking lot unattended. They can ONLY walk through the parking lot with an adult.

Middle School students are to be dropped off in the safety square on regular days and they will wait just inside the school hallway on rainy days. Please DO NOT drop them off at the portable. They will all walk over together at 8 am.

And the Gate...

When you are waiting in the lane to drop off/pick up, but have not yet pulled through the gate into the back lot, please do not block the gate. It is helpful to allow enough space for someone to pull through the gate next to you so that they can go to park.

4 Way Intersection

This is just a reminder that the stop signs are for people coming up the hill or going down the hill (D Street). Cars going in front of the building or down S 30th street DO NOT have a stop sign. Please be careful when entering the 4 way intersection, especially since there is so much street parking on 30th street and, often times, only one car can pass.

If You are Late...

All students arriving after 8 am need to be brought in through the front doors. Parents MUST walk the student in and check them in for a tardy slip. Please do not simply drop them off and leave. We need you to come in and check your student in as tardy. You will know that you are late if...the back gate is closed or the Pre-K staff is no longer in the front.