Big 6 U.S. History Project

4th Grade Resources

The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Link to video produced by National Geographic (below)

App. 42 minutes long, preview prior to students watching.

Library of Congress for Kids

Covers main events of U.S. History 1492 - present. Kid friendly reading.

Final Project Ideas

You may have already decided what product and tool you want your students to produce and use to show their learning on this project, but I wanted to share a couple of ideas in case you haven't.

We now have a subscription to Museum Box. I shared links to Museum Box in the December Learning Commons News to Use (archived on the VLC) but this video gives a great overview of the potential.

Animoto is both an app, and a website. The free version allows anyone to set up an account and make a short video, but educators can apply for a free premium account which has many more features, much longer video times, and up to 50 student accounts. They say approval can take up to two weeks, but I got mine in less than a minute. This video shows the potential and tells how to get the free educator account.

VoiceThread too is an app, and a website. Students create for free, although there are more complex options available for purchase. It's meant to be a conversation between the creator and viewers. A Voice Thread can contain pictures, text and recorded voice.

Tellagami is a free iPad and android app that creates videos using student text and/or voice recording. It's incredibly easy to use.

Amy shared Biteslide in a TMI. Third grade used it recently so they would be a wonderful resource. Teacher free account allows for 30 students accounts and one project.

These are just a few of the few free tools available. I would be happy to help regardless what product and which tool you choose. Brittany will be here on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday next semester and would be happy to help as well. We'd be happy to locate or create student tutorials if you decide to use a technology tool. Let me know if you'd like me to do any mini-lessons with your students regarding citations, image searches, copyright, website evaluation, etc.

Would be happy to "tweet" links to student projects from the Daniel Boone Twitter account. Would also love to post completed student projects on our new "Look at my project" page on the VLC.

Museum Box
Animoto for Education Sign Up
Voicethread use in classrooms
iTeacher: 'Tellagami' for Presenting
How to Use Biteslide by R. Hampton