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CJ Lax

CJ Lax is a lacrosse team in Freehold, NJ that is recreational for children grades 3-8. When CJLAX was first formed, there were no similar programs in several of the surrounding communities that were part of the Freehold Regional School District. The name ‘Central Jersey Lacrosse’ was selected to provide an inclusive environment for players from around the Freehold Township area until their towns provided local programs. CJLAX has been the parent for several surrounding programs: the Howell Lacrosse Program started in 2005, the Ocean Townhip Lacrosse Program started in 2006, and the Manalapan Lacrosse Program (Nomad Lacrosse) started in 2009; and the Pride Lacrosse Program in Fort Bragg, NC (founded by Chris Lach, former CJLAX player, referee and coach, now serving in the 82nd Airborne Division). I have also played a spring season, a summer season, and a winter season.

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Lacrosse is the fastest game to be played on two feet.