Lexington Middle School

Weekly Bulletin


It's been a fantastic start to the school year. As the year goes on, we tend to get comfortable in a routine and we start letting things slip. Please don't let this be your mindset. Don't give in! We spoke earlier in the year about consistency with procedures...consistency means all day every day!

Little things I've noticed we need to clean up:

-consistency on tardies

-monitoring the hallways between classes

-active monitoring on duty


Mon- 9/28

3:40 Dept Head Meeting

4:30 LMS VB vs Troy

Tues - 9/29

Lots of Learning

Wed - 9/30

Lots of Learning

Thurs - 10/1

SOW Elections

FB @ Sealy

Fri - 10/2


Other important dates:

Oct 7 - Faculty meeting

Oct 14 - Visit w/ Holland MS

Oct 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

Nov 4 - Faculty meeting

Nov 10 - Veterans Day Progam

Staff Birthdays October

Mary Goff 10/3

Heather Garrison 10/6

Vicki Martin 10/19

Heather Halvorson 10/24

Candice Weiser 10/30


1. If you are going to miss duty, you are responsible to find a replacement.

2. Reminder: the duty roster has been altered from it's original state, so please double check your responsibility.

2. Lesson Plans Due Monday by 8:00 AM.

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