Statesville Road Elementary's Weekly Newsletter

Principal's Point to Ponder

Great Expectations

We know how important having high expectations is for our students. We believe this so much that we even made it a part of our school's mission statement. Our mission statement serves to describe what we do each day when we walk into our building: "....set high expectations for every child". Simple actions such as actually using the word 'expect' with our students can have a profound effect. Think of how different these two statements feel: "this is what you should do" and "this is what I expect from you". The latter statement will resonate at a deeper level because our students will recognize the connection with an adult who is expressing a level of belief in them that they will want to live up to. Setting high expectations for every child leaves no room for exceptions. Regardless of skill level, behaviors, or level of parental support, ALL of our students deserve to know that the adults at Statesville Road believe in them and, therefore, have high expectations of them. Yes, even that student who is performing 2 years below grade level and that student who works your last good nerve! "All" means all and "high" means high. So as we embark on the last 80 days of this school year, let's make them 80 days of great expectations for every child.


Marketing the School Day

The Kindergarten team and students celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday. Kids were excited (one student was even caught singing a jingle and dancing a jig about the 100th day as he came into breakfast!) The strategy we are highlighting here is not necessarily about the 100th day, but about the marketing campaign the teachers developed around the day and it's activities. They made the students believe the hype about the learning that would take place and the fun they would have learning it. What is upcoming in your lesson plans or grade level content that you could market to students to increase their excitement and interest in learning?

What's Happening This Week?

Kudos / General Reminders / Expectations

  • Kudos to all teachers who took the opportunity to 'bust a move' at the 2nd quarter awards assemblies. Ms. Flowers, I didn't know you had it in you. (You had to see it to believe
  • Kudos to Beckles, Willis, Grain, and Carter for your presence at the PTA Sweetheart Dance. A big shout out to E. Taylor and Sadler for your presence and support with supervising students to the very end of the event...much appreciated!
  • Group picture day is Thursday of this week. Please follow the schedule sent by Lungarini.
  • Please remember to vote for Teacher Assistant of the Year using the link emailed to you on Friday. Voting closes on Tuesday.
  • Sadler is acting principal while Lungarini, Hall, Patterson, Stackhouse, and I are away M-W of this week. Please see him for any needs / concerns/ issues you might have.
  • PEPs....Classroom Teachers: Please see email sent by Lungarini concerning PEPs. Be mindful of the schedule for your grade level's PEP overview the week of Feb 17th and the documents you need to bring to the overview.

Monday, February 10, 2014 (Day 1)

  • Happy Monday!
  • 8:30: 4th grade A to Z / Raz Kids Training

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 (Day 2)

  • 10:30: Kindergarten A to Z / Raz Kids Training

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 (Day 3)

  • 8:30: 1st Grade A to Z / Raz Kids Training
  • 3:30pm T25 Workout (workout will begin promptly at 3:30 in the gym...get ready to sweat!)
  • NO Staff Meeting today!

Thursday, February 13, 2014 (Day 4)

  • 10:30: 2nd Grade A to Z / Raz Kids Training
  • Group Picture Day (follow emailed schedule)

Friday, February 14, 2014 (Day 5)

  • 1:00: 5th grade A to Z / Raz Kids Training
  • Wear RED with your jeans today. Let's celebrate how much we love Statesville Road!
  • Classroom Valentine's Day celebrations can be held the last 30 minutes of the day. For the grade level with specials at the end of the day, you can have your class celebration during the last 30 minutes before your specials.