Structure of a rainforest

there are four layers of a rainforest they are called the Emergent layer,Canopy,Understorey and Forest floor.the Emergent layer is the highest layer. the trees in the emergent layer can reach up to seventy metres high.lots of sunlight come to this layer why? because it is the first layer in the rainforest.Animals foun in the Emergent layer are birds,monkeys and insects.they are uasally found in the emergent laer because they swing , fly or glide.

Canopy:the canopy is home to many animals ,the leaves in the canopy is very dense [sensative] and shaped like an umbrella. The canopy is the second highest layer in the rainforest.the trees in the canopy can be as high as one hundred feet.the canopy is the busiest part of the rainforest.The animals found in the Canopy are sloths,insects and much more.

Understorey: the understorey gets small amount of light,it is hot and damp.there are alot of vines and tangled plants.there are alot of shrubs, ferns and herbs.