Liver Cancer

Ethan Griwatsch

Liver Cancer A Deadly and Cruel Disease

Diagnosed with Liver Cancer...


Before you are diagnosed with Liver Cancer some signs of having it may contain, loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain, nausea, yellow discoloration of skin and eyes and signs of fever/general sickness.


There are many treatments to Liver Cancer. Some treatments are for special cases such as Liver transplants or the tumor can be removed. Most people have to use chemotherapy which they are given 14 days on and 14 days off of radiation into their body.


Every year there is about 700,000 new reports of this cancer per year. That's about the population of North America. The average age of someone getting Lung Cancer is 63 years old. Fewer than 10% of people can live 3 years after their initial diagnosis. Fewer than 5% are cured from the disease. Most people die 6 months within diagnosis.
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There are many ways to prevent Liver Cancer starting out with just eating healthy, it may be expensive but will save you in the long run. Have vaccinations for all the common and hurtful diseases. Don't create habits that you shouldn't do such as smoking or over eating they will destroy your liver from the start and make it more weak.
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Personal Statement

I chose to research Liver Cancer to see what I should't do and should do to prevent myself from getting this horrible disease. It intrigued me that such simple things could keep you away from such a dangerous disease.


Going through Liver Cancer is a rough time there is lots of pain from different treatments and can take a long process to go through these things. Your chance of living through Liver Cancer can be very low under 10%. You would be lucky to stay alive for a few years. Time is a major factor to this whole situation.