Technology Then and Now

By Kristina Tran September 19th 2016

Old Technology

The old technology use to be huge box and it was so heavy that you can't even carry it around. When you needed to use the internet you would have to go through a long and hard process that you will need to remember in order to turn it on correctly. Not only was it difficult to turn on it was also not able to be used if the land line was in use meaning that if you wanted to use the internet someone cannot be using the phone or if someone is using the phone you cannot be using the computer.

New Technology

The new technology is not just complex but is pretty simple to use. Unlike the old technology you don't have to wait for someone to get off the phone or even get off the computer so someone else can use the phone. Today all it takes is to turn on the home button and then click on the browser of choice. That is how simple the technology today really is and it's not hard to learn. Not only is it not hard to learn but if you get yourself a laptop you can carry it anywhere you want and it is not heavy .