Cheer Stunts

Sylvia Miquirray &Wendy Moderow

Our Inspiration

It's a really fun & unique activity.Stunting takes the whole group to work together in order to function, if one is off, the whole group is off.


Procedures going up:

1.Gather Materials together (people in stunt group)

2. Make sure everyone know's their position and role in the stunt

3.Make sure to Use the tips from directly above

4. Flyer sets right foot into the main base's hands.

5. Backstop calls "1,2"

6. As backstop does this process the bases push up in to the chosen stunt.(Half,the flyer making sure she does not drop her butt.

7.Flyer tightens butt and legs making sure to lock her knees and stands up into her stunt.

Procedures going down:

You have two options "hands down" or "cradling"


1. When cradling base's need to make sure that they are even and bounce,flow together,(If base's are off, flyer is more vulnerable to fall down.

2.As the Flyer is being cradled she needs to put her body into a "bannana position" .

3. When landing ,flyer grabs base's shoulders.

4.Base's catch legs

5. Backspot grabs around waist

Hands Down:

1. Base's push legs together

2.Base's pull out their right hands to grab flyers hands

3.Backspot grabs on to waist securing her landing

4. Flyer jumps down

5. Flyer is on solid ground

Stunt cheer

Our experience

We had a great time with our overall experience with this. We could of done a more of a advance stunt .But Everything went great, no one got hurt and everybody had fun while doing so.We could of not asked for any more better results.

Questions: Do you need great leg strength to perform stunts?

Answer: the answer is yes, you can not be using you're backs and arms to be lifting the weight.

Questions: Do bases have to cradle at the same time?

Answer: Always