History of Sharpies

How Sharpies came to be

The olden days of Sharpies

Before Sharpies were invented the com was called Sanford inks. Frederick.W.Redington and William.H.Sanford jr. founded the company. The factory started in Worchester Massachusetts, but they relocated to Chicago. They nearley got burned by The Great Chicago Fire,but they burned down in 1899. Then in 1964 SAnford inks invented probley their product of all time. the Sharpie. The Sharpie started in black but devolped new colors.

The new modern Sharpies

Sharpies are now a big hit in the world, with dozens of colors and types of Sharpies.The com. that made Sharpie isnt Sanford inks anymore it's Newell Rubbermaid that owns it.  Sharpies can be a danger to peoples health. if you inhale you could die. You can become addicted to Sharpies too.