Everything is perfect everywhere


In perfect-maina we have a limited goverment that is a democracy . So they can not tell you everything you have to do in your life but they can tell you some things to do. And they must also follow laws and they must not take advantage of their positions.
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Oilgarchy Goverment

Our goverment is controlled my a few people and they can not take over anyone in the state. And they cant disobey any laws that they have passed through.
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My island is located at the bottom of the united states and on the mexico border. And under Califorina. And it has a range of mountains and some desert and a prarie. And we do import and export, Export to Califorina and Alaska and import from Texas and Mexico.
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Culture Elements

We are already a melting pot. We have all kinds of diffrent cultures. way to many to name. We Have Mexicans Americans Germans People from Ireland people from China and people from Africa
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