by steph and taylah

Who was Nero and how did he achieve power?

-Nero was born in 37 A.D on December the 15th.

-his mother's name was Agrippina and his dad's name was Gnaeus.

-his father Gnaeus died when Nero was only 2.

-his mother Agrippina then married the Emperor Claudius who was Neros uncle.

-he was only 13 at the time when his mother married Claudius, and therefore Nero was next in line to take the throne and become Emperor.

-his step dad Emperor Claudius had a sudden death believed to have died by eating a poisonous mushroom.

-When Claudius died Nero went to the senate and gave a speech in honour of his great uncle Claudius and then was announced as the next Emperor of Ancient Rome, and Nero was only 17 at the time when he was addressed as Emperor.

-During Nero's years of power he was caught responsible for killing his mother and his first wife.

-he was also found responsible for starting the Roman fires, that quickly fled to the cities of ancient Rome.

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keep power?

-During Nero's first 5 years of being Emperor he gained a high reputation for political generosity meaning he was very kind hearted when it came to political involvement.

-Nero shared his power with the senate.

-Nero remodelled the Colosseum into the likeness of Helios or Apollo.

-Nero was a cruel ruler, he made laws no one like but they had to deal with them because he was the Emperor and he rules the country.

-Nero wanted to be a star and to be loved.

-The relationships with his family was with his mother but after a while he killed his mother as well as his first wife.

-The senate plotted to remove him from power but he did not succeed, this happened in 65ce.

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use power?

- Nero killed his mother and wife he tuned into a bad Emperor, no body liked him in any way.

-He changed the laws and made things difficult

- Nero gained very hight reputation for political generosity

-shared his power with the senate

-he created two new festivals of chariot and racing and athletics

-he hosted a music contest

-Nero was a Roman Emperor from 54 to 68 a.d

-he was the 5th Emperor of the roman Empire.

-Nero died in 68ce because he committed suicide and he behaved inappropriately.

-Nero's power was shared with the senate, he ended closed doors political trials.

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