Dental CPD Australia

Dental CPD Courses in Melbourne Australia

If you are a dental professional, it is imperative that you keep your dental skills and knowledge up to trends. Professional regulation institutions help in ensuring this by requiring dental professional to periodically take dental continuing professional development courses. Dental CPD is usually a brief course or a set of lesson that educates the dental professionals on the current developments in the field or practice, which in turn helps ensure that patients are continuously receiving competent, up-to-date, modern, and skillful dental service.

Dental practitioners can take dental CPD courses that discuss current and up-to-date trends such as flowable composite resins and the use of three-dimensional printing for making dental implants and current research that are related to dentistry such as relevance of oral health to cardiac and pulmonary health.

These dental CPD professional courses include a number of subjects related to dentistry followed by quizzes on the topic studied, and these CPD courses are presented in different manners such as lectures, research, distance studies, hands-on practical training, society meetings, paper presentations, article writing, and others. They may be presented in an actual personal manner or online. There are various online dental organizations that offer online and distance courses that would help the dental practitioner fulfill his or her dental CPD requirements along with the proper certification.

In March 2010, the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council approved the standard on dental CPD, with the approval taking effect from 1 July 2010. The council requires all registered dental practitioners to undertake dental CPD, which entails a minimum of sixty hours of CPD activities over a three-year period, and a total of 80% of those activities must be clinically or scientifically based. Dental professionals should keep a personal record of their CPD activities as well as documentation that they have fulfilled the requirements. Such documentations should be presented during their annual renewal.

If a dental practitioner is registering for the first time or if his or her has lapsed, the number of CPD hours to be completed will be calculated on a pro rata basis as published by the board. Dental CPD course may cover a variety of topics such as orthodontics, periodontics, communication and practice management, finance and business, endodontics, prosthodontics, geriatric care, dental technology, paediatric dentistry, oral surgery, special needs dentistry, general dentistry, legal and ethical issues, and complaints management. These courses are usually followed by quizzes, which are used to assess the dental practitioner’s comprehension of the subject studied.