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Volume 7

Did You Know? Publisher

So you insist on using Microsoft Publisher to create your awesome flyers, but you want people with MacBooks to be able to read the document also?

No Problem!! - Read On!!

Many have been discouraged because they think they can't use their PUBLISHER program anymore. While it is true that the MACs can not recognize the PUB format, you are able to do one small thing to make it work for MACs.

Instead of saving it, Print it!


Yes, print it. NOT from the print icon, but from "FILE" then "PRINT".

BUT, instead of printing to a printer, print it as a pdf (It may say CUTEpdf, or Adobe something, but this should print it as a pdf)

This will open a window to allow you to save this document on your computer as a PDF file. Then attach the PDF file to your email, and the whole MacDistrict will be able to MacSee your MacPublisher document. Then go to MacDonald's and celebrate with your new MacCFO. (See what I did there! :-))

Cool Tools-Powtoon

Powtoon is a powerful animated video creator that can be used to introduce your assignments, or even be used by your student to create presentations that aren't boring. Check out an example of what you can do with Powtoon.
Powtoon for PISD
This is a versatile tool and as such gives multiple ways to manipulate and manage each element of the movie creation. But it can be greatly simplified by using one of it's pre-made templates.

The video above was created from scratch. You can view a fast version of its creation below. Login to Powtoon to check out some of their templates.
Here's a chart to briefly introduce you to the functions available on Powtoon.com

App Spotlight- InstaWeb

InstaWeb allows you to use your iPad or iPhone to turn any web page into a PDF. It features a clutter remover that allows you to cut out all ads and create a clean, easy-to-read document. PDFs can be shared by email, Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive, or Google Drive. Have students who don't have internet access at home? Use InstaWeb to create a PDF and they have access to the same resources the rest of the class is using. Have kids who are easily distracted? Cut out the clutter on web pages and give students only the content they need.

"I use it when I find a specific web page I want the kids to get info from, when I want to splice two web pages together, and when certain students have broken too many iPads and need a paper copy of a web page in order to do the same assignment everyone else is doing."

-Anna Mauk

InstaWeb is a paid app that is available in the iTunes store. It currently costs $1.99.

Thanks to Anna Mauk for recommending this app!

Geek of the Week

Congratulations to Stacy Dial, our Geek of the Week!

This week's challenge: Show your skill! Take a screenshot showing you know how to use multiple desktop and screenshot shortcuts! Email us the image.

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