Elements of Design

(The Building Blocks used to Create a Work of Art)

Elements of Design (The Visual Components of Artworks)

1. Line

2. Color

3. Shape

4. Form

5. Space

6. Value

7. Texture

1. Line: A mark with length and direction, a moving point.

Can also be implied by an edge or sequence of marks

2. Color: a hue of reflected light, found on the Color Wheel

Color = Hue

Hue = Color

Find this awesome eye color wheel on this blog: http://bit.ly/1RHHp4d

Research Color Theory here: http://bit.ly/1TuT3Uw

3. Shape: A two-dimensional enclosed area, an enclosed space defined by other elements of art.

2 types- Organic and Geometric

Explanation of organic & geometric shapes: http://bit.ly/1SwblzP

Artwork using both: http://bit.ly/1S0XKjw

4. Form:

  • A three dimensional enclosed volume
  • Can be achieved in a 2-d work through shading and

other techniques

(To see more of Jeff Koons' sculptures: http://bit.ly/1c3vbEv )

5. Space

  • Distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece
  • Two types in all artworks:
Positive Space is the subject, or “thing” in an artwork

Negative Space is the area around, under, above, or between the subject or “thing”

For the whole definition, see: http://abt.cm/1RWyUrc

For more info on Henry Moore's work: http://bit.ly/224tYjF

6. Value:

The lightness or darkness of a color or tone

(To see more phenomenal black and white photography: http://bit.ly/1ZYgmqx )

7. Texture

  • The surface quality of an object
  • The way something feels
  • This can be either actual or visual.

For more info about Meret Oppenheim: http://mo.ma/1LUsBgt

Above is the Vocabulary We need to Learn,

Below are Artists Who Inspire!

Watch Chuck Close in the video below...

CBS This Morning - Artist Chuck Close writes note to younger self

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Community & Art Organization of the Week:

Healing Icons: Fighting Cancer through Art

  • Founder & Creative Director: Heidi Darr-Hope
  • Free classes to cancer patients and caregivers
  • Helps people use art and creativity to deal with and heal from cancer

Smore Presentation by: Deana Rennick

I teach Art 1, Sculpture, and Advanced Sculpture at Sumter High School in Sumter, South Carolina.